Why Multi-Family Homes

Maximizing One Lot
For Multiple Families

Our team guides you throughout the planning process to ensure every need is met. When designing multi-family homes, our team utilizes the space to its fullest potential, creating open-concept floor plans and functional living areas for each unit. 

Our design and build system reduces the time required to complete each project. Our services eliminate the need for various contractors, and altering the design throughout the process is easier. We have professional designers that work hand-in-hand with our estimating team to ensure the project is completed within your budget. At Harmony Homes, we take pride in an ongoing relationship with our suppliers and sub-trades so that a “team effort” is put into each project.

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How It Works

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Difference Our Process Offers

  • Be Involved

    While many developers may prefer minimal client involvement, at Harmony we embrace and encourage client input. We believe it provides invaluable clarity in realizing your vision, ensuring a precise and tailored outcome for your project.

  • Designing and Building

    We eliminate the need for a range of various meetings; our system reduces the time it takes to design and price your new home.

  • The Project Manager

    From start to finish, our experienced project managers work with you to ensure every need is met.

  • Building With A Budget

    Our team works together to find cost-effective solutions by incorporating the proper products and quantities to stay within your budget.

  • The Contract

    We take responsibility from beginning to end with our design and build services combined under one contract, generating a seamless process.

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